How do you feel when you touch the interiors of the car that you always dreamed? How do you feel when you touch the walls and furniture of the much desired house that you always wanted to live in? How would you feel when you notice that you are healthy? How would you feel when you see you children are doing well in their life as compassionate, kind and well to do individuals? How will you feel when you enjoy the gaze into the clouds and when you take time to count your stars? How would you feel when you can’t stop the excitement in counting the zeroes of the amount you have saved in your bank account?

Can you actually feel the emotions going through as you read the above lines? THAT IS THE KEY. Always focus on the feeling of what you wished and after. This is when consciousness becomes reality.

All kinds of media have played a pivotal role in creating these feelings over and over; in fact, every day of our lives. Have we ever cared to notice how detrimental it has been for the world that surrounds us? Unknowingly we have triggered and ignited fire of unwanted happenings to occur. Now what we see is the “effect” of that “cause”.

Let’s put an end to this once and for all. Neville in his book “Feeling is the secret” clearly illustrates how this happens and how we can control the awareness of our mind to NOTICE the lovely things of life. Let’s learn to respond and not react to situations that demand our attention. We can simply do this by deliberately practicing “Feeling is the secret”. Let us clearly determine our wish to be fulfilled. Ask yourself that million-dollar question “How would you feel if you have achieved that already?”. Construct a scene in your mind and experience the feeling of achievement. Then you will see the same in your reality very soon.

It is time we notice what goes on in our thoughts. Focus lovingly of others and loving things. So as Neville says “without even lifting a finger you just made it possible”.


The Lord answered me: Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets
so one may easily read it.[b]3 For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it testifies about the end and will not lie. Though it delays, wait for it, since it will certainly come and not be late. (Habakkuk 2: 2-3 Holmans Christian Bible)

You must have heard many Law of attraction experts guiding you to script your visions by making a vision board or even journaling future plans. The source of such information is from the bible, the above verse. Whether you believe it or not, you must have all experienced that it works. I tried it for myself and it did work. So how does it work?

Life is a play. You are the Producer, director and the actor and the drama that you see in your world is your story. You create your reality. You imagine how your story is carried out. You develop your end which can be a happy or sad one. You decide. So, can the story be changed, in between? Yes, we sure can. You script out what you want; how your day looks like daily. As you retire to sleep, revise any unwanted issues that has happened during the day. Make it the way you wanted it in your imagination. As you exercise your imaginative muscle, it gets stronger and stronger day by day. So you will never be moved by any unwanted issue that shakes your world. Because you know you are in control. You can always change it. If you hear about an illness that has affected your loved one, revise it immediately. Ask the question, WHAT DO YOU WANT? If you want them healthy, SEE them healthy. Script it down. You can use the phrases, “I remember when” or “Isn’t it wonderful”. You can also use the “telephone technique” where you hear your friend giving you the good news over phone that your loved one is healthy. These tools are from Neville Goddard. Try it and you will see it works.

Let us make this world beautiful by exercising our imagination. Many may ask, so where is God’s hand in all this? This following verse answers it –

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps” (Proverbs 16- 9)

Mental Diet

Do you know you can understand a person’s mental diet by the reality he is surrounded with?

Mental Diet is the n number of thoughts you entertain on a daily basis. That may be from the news feed that you went through facebook, twitter or any other forms of media. It was once a norm in every household to read the newspaper early in the morning. Even teachers in high school advised children to read newspaper daily to increase their vocabulary, grammar, understand the world around them. And today it is in the form of news feeds. If one could get 10% of positive vibes from the social media, it is fine. But the truth is when we read news its like watching a crime thriller. The details are so meticulously illustrated that a normal person who has not even thought about killing a chicken learns the finest skills of raping somebody, murdering, robbing and what not.

Our world is formed on the basis of what we instill into our minds. The energy that’s put in to thinking of the details of each event not only brings our vibes down, but also replicates these events into our lives. So when one is surrounded with sad encounters, it is only because their thoughts wandered. What seemed to be a harmless crime thriller you watched, now seems to be happening in your life.

How can you change this? Customize your news feeds on the good things of life. So are we not supposed to be aware of our surroundings? Of course yes. But make sure that you ignore your reality soon. Create positive thoughts. Think about what you want. Channel your thoughts to seeing the end of your want. Be the master of your mental diet. The mind is very powerful. Make it your choice as to what you want to feed it with. Our world is made beautiful by us.


Have you ever wondered why your life goes through a number of set patterns?

Well, I’ve had this epiphany the other day when I realized its because of our thoughts. Our thoughts create them. We think every second of our lives. We live through our thoughts every moment of our lives. If we take the time to observe them, it is usually in the same pattern. This is because of the beliefs, attitudes and circumstances we are surrounded with. Our childhood beliefs, family backgrounds and culture shape them. The people we are surrounded with influence them.

Its not bad to think always, but it is the content of these thoughts that needs to be monitored. Positive thoughts lifts us while negative ones pull us down. Reshape your thoughts to what you would like them to be. Be a master of your thoughts. There is no right or wrong to this. What may seem to be right to you may seem to be wrong to another. But what to do you want ? That’s the million dollar question. Dwell in it. In every situation check what you want. Slowly guide your mind to think about them by seeing the end and feeling what you would like it to feel. You may even want to script or journal it down.

I have done it and I assure you, it works. Replace your thoughts with what you want. That does not make you selfish. You will hurt no one in doing so. Its all in your mind. You will see yourself slowly coming out of your negative patterns. Life will not give you tremors and unwanted surprises.

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